Do the Royals avoid pink?
A photograph has been released by Kensington Palace today, to mark Princess Charlotte's second birthday on Tuesday. She is pictured in a yellow cardigan, with blue sheep along a band of white.
The baby Princess frequently appears in blue, white, and sometimes red - but rarely pink. The only high-profile photograph of her wearing (a very muted, almost violet) pink was one of her walking for the first time, used to commemorate her first birthday. This was released along with another of her in a blue outfit with white cardigan and a blue hairclip.
In fact, the colour palette used to dress the children of William and Kate in public is very similar for both George and Charlotte, with blue being a big favourite for both. It seems that the royal couple are keen not to participate in the colour coding of their children; a trend that seems to be becoming ever more crude in the world of children's marketing, with Kinder eggs being one previously gender neutral brand to fall victim to the temptations of colour coding their eggs - the financial rewards of which clearly outweigh the widespread disgust and condemnation across social media.

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