Introducing Wooden Story

Peaches & Eaches were first introduced to Wooden Story in February 2017, at the International Toy Fair in Germany.

All of Wooden Story's toys are made in the Beskidy Mountains in Poland. This region is richly forested, and has a long tradition of excellent woodwork, even being home to numerous wooden churches (listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites) which date from Medieval times. The family behind Wooden Story have been nurturing, replanting and expertly crafting the wood of their region for generations.

Wooden Story keeps all of its toys as natural as possible, either as raw wood, or finished with eco-certified paints, and beeswax and botanical oils for a polished finish. Each toy is carefully wrapped in eco-friendly cotton bags, and packaged into paperboard boxes which can be easily reused or recycled.

Its word blocks are particularly unique, adorned with thought-provoking words such as "idea," "now," "peace," "freedom," "happy," "friend," "accept," meaning that these blocks will serve as important stimuli for children for many years.

Their durable teethers are made from raw wood, without any chemicals or artificial varnishes, and we've chosen the "peace" and "&" teethers to add to the Peaches & Eaches collection.

For slightly older babies, we're introducing the 30s car, modelled here by a 15 month old Mini-Each who currently enjoys playing with this toy during changing time.

All Wooden Story stock will be with us from the week of the 10th of April 2017 - we can't wait! 

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