As your baby approaches 3 years, their motor skills are more refined and bigger challenges are required! This balance game is perfect for inquisitive toddlers as it’s suitable for solo play as well as with an adult or older child. The game is played by balancing the blocks on top of a semi-circular platform in an endless combination of arrangements – but be careful not to pile all of the shapes up on one side, or the sea-saw will tip!
An excellent way to teach young children about balance, refine motor skills and learn to entertain themselves.

Based in the small German town of Olbernau in the Ore Mountains, Hess has been designing and manufacturing baby toys for more than 25 years. Using woods such as beech and maple exclusively sourced from the region and 100% manufactured in Germany to stringent EU standards, these colourful, kitsch toys are both fun and stimulating for babies of all ages.

Suitable for 3 years +.