Handmade using 100% wool felt and natural dyes under the most stringent Fairtrade policies in Nepal, this Mini Fruit Felt Play-Set is a fun way to introduce your baby to the world of role play. 

By 1 year+ your little ones are most likely well along the path to getting to grips with the world of eating, developing their own preferences and learning how to feed themselves. Role playing with a variety of play foods is an excellent way to encourage a more adventurous palate and engage them in the kitchen, teaching them to recognise by name and sight a range of foods. 

Encourage your little ones to get involved with role play with Papoose’s fabulous range of felt play foods. Available in complete meal sets or small groups of fruit and vegetables, these beautifully crafted toys are brilliant for any enthusiastic young gastronome! 

Not suitable for 0-3 year olds.