Gender Neutral Toys – Our Ethos – Peaches & Eaches

At Peaches&Eaches, we strongly believe that both boys and girls have the potential to do great things, and in order to foster this idea, we have removed any gender specific referencing and categorising. Quite simply put, if we want our little cherubs to grow up believing in themselves and in equality, then we have to start at the very beginning by reinforcing the notion that all toys are for both genders. So, you won’t find any “boys’ toys” or “girls’ toys” on our website, just lots of great products that everyone can enjoy and learn from. We also believe that everyone deserves good working conditions, a fair wage and that we should be trying wherever possible to minimise the use of plastic. That’s why all of our toys are sourced from known suppliers that we trust and are made from sustainably sourced materials.

All children should be given the chance to develop and grow in a fun, stimulating way. Namely, through play! That’s why we specialise in gender neutral, developmental toys that are designed to stretch your little one’s grey matter at a pace that’s appropriate to their age; from birth through to their first birthday and beyond.