Developmental Toys – Our Story – Peaches & Eaches

Peaches (Catherine Stowell) and Eaches (Rebecca Sellars-Meadmore) have been friends ever since Eaches came to work for Peaches in a completely un-baby related company where they found they had much in common (most notably a violent hatred of bad grammar and a shared passion for gender politics and chocolate- it takes all sorts).

Peaches&Eaches was conceived when Eaches had a Mini-Each. Ever mindful of how difficult it is to bring up a strong, unaffected child in a world full of gender stereotypes, both Peaches and Eaches were horrified at how difficult it was to find great gender neutral clothes and toys- why is everything pink and floral deemed only suitable for girls and all that is blue and dinosaur-clad only marketed for boys? We found this particularly perplexing when it came to toys; if babies learn through play, then surely by restricting their exposure to a full range of learning stimuli you are narrowing their horizons from the start. Simply put, if girls don’t play with trucks and tools and boys don’t play with dolls then how will they ever play together and perceive each other as equals?

So, we set about using the power of the internet to source gender neutral toys for infants that also satisfied our passion for ethical practises and environmentally conscious materials, meeting some incredible businesses along the way that we are proud to support. We hope you feel the same!