A tactile soft toy perfect for stimulating your little one’s senses, this beautiful owl by Aciu Paciu has soft, felt applique details and feathers in bright contrasting colours to ruffle and play with. Each owl has different fabric feathers so that each one is charmingly unique.


Ačiū Pačiū brand came to life because of a simple idea – to combine love for children with a socially responsible message. So we came up with a thought to employ physically disabled people and by giving them simple and creative work integrate them into work force. People with various disabilities work with us: they have their little offices at home and it makes them more comfortable, they can manage their time as they please. We give them tasks according to their abilities and wishes, so that they never get tired and make our toys with the most positive energy. All of them live in our beloved city Kaunas (Lithuania), where we all meet for a coffee and talk about all the wonderful toys we will create in the future.

Our name – Ačiū Pačiū – is a childish and cheeky way to say “Thank you”.

When we started to create Ačiū Pačiū toys we were obsessed with colors, shapes and feelings. We wanted that our kids could grow with these toys: meet the colors, understand the shapes, give a name and have a story. Also, all the soft toys are unique – some details differ all the time, highlighting their uniqueness. The toys are created to be best friends for the little ones and hand-made with love in Lithuania.